Rest In Peace..

I am not ok. My heart is broken. And I was going to find a beautiful picture of Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter, but that just felt exploitative and presumptuous and just…wrong (For me. I’m glad it comforts people to post photos of happy times; I was just too broken up to even look). Because all I can think about right now is a father having to console his child during what must have been the most terrifying moments. And all I can think about is a mother with three little girls who has lost a husband and a child. And three little girls who have lost a sister and a father. And all I can think about are dreams unrealized and plans not completed, and a future that has been forever altered for all of them. I’m thinking about years gone by, and time wasted, and false starts and a hundred other things you think about when someone leaves this world too soon.

This post will start out the latest, and then others will move it down the list, and time will pass, and life will go on. But on this day… life, man. Life. What does it mean? What do you do with it? How do you live it? God knows, I wish I knew. I wish I could make it make sense. There were 9 people on that helicopter. Some of them children. I will say that I will not disrespect those whose lives ended before they were able to complete their life’s work by not doing mine. Nothing makes it better, but it doesn’t have t be in vain…

Peace and comfort to all of you

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