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"The story of Tea Madison was a great one. I sat on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. Not your typical urban novel. I would recommend this book to readers in search of a story filled with action, adventure and suspense."

Young women are disappearing from the streets of Dallas, Texas... 

Professional assassin, Téa Madison has been traveling the globe, relieving the world of “some of its most despicable inhabitants” for months. She’s ready to go home, take some time off, and relax with the love of her life: the beautiful and devoted Sa’rai. Unfortunately for Téa, her R&R is cut short by a family emergency. 

When Belle Fontaine, Téa’s mentor, employer and friend calls to tell her that Belle’s niece, Jasmine has gone missing, Téa has less than 24 hours to use every resource at her disposal to connect with some of the city’s nastiest criminals and figure out who is running a suspected sex-trafficking ring that arrived in Dallas with the 2011 Super Bowl.

Enlisting the help of Jabari Morris, an embattled minister who has failed to convince the Dallas Police Department to investigate the disappearances of over fifty women and girls, Téa will risk her own life to find Jasmine. Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Jabari will have to set his personal feelings aside and work with his mortal enemy to solve the mystery of the brutal killing of one of the missing girls.

With time running out, Téa and Jabari realize that they must think like the very criminals they are hunting in order to save the lives of the innocent.

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“...this was nothing like what I expected and probably not what you're thinking. Greed, sex, lust, lies and temptation took hold of some of [CCT’s] members and what a mess it was...” Romance Novel Junkies

Taking love for granted may cost the members of Calvary Christian Temple more than they ever intended to pay...

Keidrich Bradford, minister of music at Calvary Christian Temple–Dallas, Texas’s newest mega-church, wakes one morning hung over and depressed after one too many one-night stands. All he wants is to settle down and be the father and man he knows he’s capable of being. The only problem with his epiphany is that it may have come too late.

Reid Harris, senior pastor of CCT, has become  obsessed with the church’s expansion,             construction and community outreach work,  leaving his frustrated and lonely wife to seek comfort elsewhere.

Michelle Reese is Reid’s personal assistant. Frustrated with her life and her relationship, Michelle is lost and searching for answers. After a chance meeting brings them together, she and the sexy C.J. Evans become friends…and later, much more. They are falling in love and they both know it. The problem is that C.J. is a woman. 

Damon Means, the minister of finance at CCT, will not stop until he gets rid of Reid and takes his place as senior pastor, but his one weakness, the sultry and exotic Adriana Cruz, may prove to be the undoing of all his hard work...

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