Wednesday, March 25, 2015

And This Is All I Have To Say About That...

"Til you do right by me...."
This will be the last post about this particular situation. I won’t be giving any more of my time or energy to assholes people who don’t deserve it. I just thought this bit of info might be helpful to someone.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Abuse Doesn't Always End With Divorce...

This post is personal, but I'm writing this so that people will see, and maybe understand that there are too many women and children being silently abused by people who claim to be pillars of the community, when in reality, they are nothing but monsters. Hopefully someone out there will realize that people like this fear the light. They fear being exposed. Telling our stories is what will save us.

The following is a text I received from my ex-husband of 12 years today. I'll go into what prompted it after, but I'm positing it because there is someone out there who is spoken to like this every day of their life. You are not alone.